As seen in FPC magazine's April issue - Women in the Fire Sprinkler Industry

Women in the Fire Sprinkler Industry is a great opportunity to reflect on the contributions of women in this typically male-dominated construction field. Dyne Fire Protection Labs is proud to have several well qualified and dedicated women on staff in all aspects of the business.

Joan Leedy, Technical Director

Joan Leedy founded Dyne Technologies over 20 years ago after working for well over a decade at 3M in their fire protection products division, doing both laboratory analysis and marketing. She built Dyne on the premise that if testing fire protection products was made easier, faster, and more accurate, it would more likely get done. Periodic testing of various fire protection products is a crucial part of any inspection, testing, and maintenance program. Joan is currently the Chairperson of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Committee On High-, Medium-, and Low-Expansion Foam (NFPA 11). She was appointed to this position in 2015 after serving as a committee member for several years before that. Joan is also a current member of the Industry Advisory Board for UL 162, Standard for Foam Equipment and Liquid Concentrates.

Julie Bunch, Customer Service Manager

Customer service has always been at the heart of Dyne’s core values and Julie Bunch has been a big part of that for many years. Having been with Dyne Fire Protection Labs nearly since its inception, she has had the opportunity to work with most, if not all, of Dyne’s customers throughout the years. As the Customer Service Manager, her main goal is ensuring Dyne’s customers have a good experience, working with them on everything from the initial account setup to reporting and billing questions.

Rhonda Anderson, Purchasing Coordinator

As the purchasing coordinator, Rhonda ensures the other teams at Dyne have all the supplies they need to efficiently and accurately do their job.

Alyssa Dunn, Lab Manager

While still heavily involved with the day to day testing, Alyssa Dunn manages the daily workflow of the entire lab team at Dyne to ensure sample results get in customers inbox in 5 business days or less which is a cornerstone of all of Dyne’s services.

Gabrielle Sliwinski, Lab Analyst

Gabrielle Sliwinski is involved in the testing of all the fire protection products offered by Dyne: firefighting foam, fire sprinklers, antifreeze solution, and dry chemical agents.  Gabrielle is also involved in the reporting of Dyne’s quality management system (QMS) as required by Dyne’s 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation.

Kathy Krueger, Sample Input Coordinator

Julia Northwick, Sample Input Coordinator

Kathy Krueger and Julia Northwick are primarily focused on the receiving of customer samples.  Ensuring the products are logged correctly into Dyne’s vast database ensures the testing process goes smoothly and the appropriate evaluations are made.

Jennie Novak, Marketing Manager

Jennie Novak has been with Dyne for almost a decade now and during that time has been involved in just about all aspects of the business.  Initially starting as a sample input coordinator, Jennie now manages that team as well as Dyne’s marketing efforts from webinars and mailers to advertisements and trade show appearances.

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