Dyne Technologies LLC was founded in 1999 by Joan Leedy.  Before starting Dyne, Joan was a Chemical Engineer at 3M, working in their firefighting foam manufacturing and test lab.  Integrity, innovation, and quality are values that Dyne Technologies was founded on and continue to be the foundation of Dyne Fire Protection Labs today. Dyne Fire Protection Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory.
Pictured from Left to Right and Top to Bottom: Grant Lobdell, Jennie Novak, Dang Xiong, Crimson Erwin, Kayla Kuhlman, Mark Spaniol, Alyssa Dunn, Evelyn Vogel, Julie Bunch, and Nicki Stiff Not pictured: Don Leedy, Joan Leedy, and Jody Lowe

Quality Policy

Dyne Technologies is committed to developing our compliance testing business in the fire protection industry. Dyne will establish and follow good laboratory practices and continuously improve our processes to meet customer expectations. Quality will be demonstrated by timely, accurate, and reliable test results.