Quick, Easy, Accurate and Independent Firefighting Foam Testing

Firefighting professionals agree that annual testing of your foam inventory is crucial to maintaining the highest possible level of emergency preparedness. With Dyne Fire Protection Lab's annual testing reminder service, you now have an easy, convenient way to ensure that your foam will be ready in case disaster strikes. Dyne tests all types of foam including performing AFFF Foam Testing.

Dyne offers:

  • free foam sampling kits
  • free shipping within the contiguous United States (limited free 1-way shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada, inquire for details)
  • test reports in 5-business days guaranteed
  • 24 hour turn-around available
  • comprehensive reports
  • tank tags
  • online access to results and forms
  • automatic reminder service to make sure you are always current with your testing requirements
  • immediate communication with our chemists or support staff

Dyne Fire Protection Labs offers a wide range of tests for your fire protection and safety compliance needs:

If you are looking to stay in compliance with any of the above tests, a representative sample must be taken.  Please read the article Tips on Proper Sampling on how to correctly take a sample.  If you are not comfortable taking this sample, there are many well established foam system service representatives that can assist you with the process.  Contact Dyne for more information.

Most quality foam products will retain their effectiveness for years under ideal conditions. A number of real world factors can cause foam concentrates to lose their extinguishing efficiency.

  • Water can enter a foam storage tank due to a leak or system malfunction.  If this should happen, you may unknowingly apply foam during an emergency situation that is too diluted to effectively mitigate the hazard. 
  • Foam concentrate can thicken during storage, due to evaporation or contamination. This can cause the foam to proportion incorrectly or even plug lines and equipment.  
  • Tanks can be filled with incompatible foam products, which can cause the resulting mixture to be unusable.

Because of these and countless other factors, it's important to test your foam inventory annually, to make sure it will perform as required. For more information, read the article Why Firefighting Foam Fails


Dyne Fire Protection Labs make it easy for you to meet the compliance requirements of:

NFPA 25 says
“At least annually, an inspection shall be made of foam concentrates and their tanks or storage containers for evidence of excessive sludging or deterioration. Samples of concentrates shall be sent to the manufacturer or qualified laboratory for quality condition testing.”