At Dyne Technologies, we take the quality of our service very seriously.  Using our vigorous testing and approval processes, we monitor all results to confirm that the results are precise and accurate.  We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified laboratory.

Our quality policy is, “Dyne Technologies is committed to developing its compliance testing business for the fire protection and safety industries.  Dyne Technologies will establish and follow good laboratory practices and continuously improve our process to meet customer expectations.  Quality will be demonstrated by accurate and reliable test results.”

Quality in the laboratory is a staple in the overall quality of our business.  There are many procedures and processes that are performed in the laboratory that must be carried out with accuracy and reliability.

Each test goes through a repeatability and reproducibility study before the uncertainty of the test method is calculated.  These studies demonstrate the precision of our test methods. The data allows for us to make adjustments to procedures to meet the specifications and the high standards that our customers have come to expect from Dyne Technologies.  Additionally, each piece of equipment used in testing is held to a high standard of calibration, which is routinely monitored and assessed. 

You can request a copy of the most current uncertainty values for all the tests completed at Dyne Technologies. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your test results are of the upmost quality.  Dyne Technologies would be happy to assist with any NFPA 11 questions and can be reached at (800) 632-2304 or