Mineral oil is sometimes added to the top of alcohol-resistant aqueous film forming foam (AR-AFFF) by the manufacturer to prevent evaporation of the solvent in the foam concentrate. Most often, mineral oil sits on the top of the container that foam concentrate is housed in. If a sample of the foam concentrate is taken from the top of the container, but care is not given to take the sample under the mineral oil layer, annual testing can result in failing results.

Dyne Fire Protection Labs now offers a way to determine if the failing result is due to mineral oil. If it is suspected that a sample contains mineral oil, a technical expert will contact you to ask if you would like the mineral oil determination test to be conducted. The price for the mineral oil determination test is $50.00 per sample.

The biggest advantage of completing this mineral oil determination test is that it will help in the determination of whether the foam needs to be replaced - due to poor performance - or if a more representative sample needs to be taken.  If mineral oil is found in the sample, resampling below the mineral oil layer could produce a more representative foam sample and save from replacing the foam.  This can be done by either using a hand up or drawing the sample from the bottom of the tank.

Dyne continues to provide ISO-9001, independent, and unbiased foam testing services to ensure that the products will work effectively in an emergency situation. If you have any questions, please call Dyne Fire Protection Labs at 800-632-2304 or e-mail Lab@dyneusa.com.