“Dyne is definitely my preferred testing lab as your people have gone out of their way to help us out and to get everything done in a timely matter. Thank you so much, I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Jeff Long - R.E. Griesemer, Inc - Indianapolis, IN

“We are very pleased and impressed with your service."

Janet Hronetz - S.A. Comunale - Barberton, OH

“Thank you for the results, I must say using you guys has been a breath of fresh air! Very organized, clear and lot of good details."

Quinn Dake - Administrative Coordinator, Battalion One Fire Protection - San Leandro, CA

“Thanks for all you do for us, it has been a great corporate relationship for many years."

Jeff Elixman - ISA Inspection Manager, Ryan Fire Protection - Noblesville, IN

“Thank you so much for the fast turnaround on the recently submitted dry head sample I sent you for 10 year sample testing.

I also wanted to let you know I received the foam sample kit that you sent me, It was so easy to use. (I can’t believe the foam sample kit was free) What a deal….So glad I found you.”

Jeff Barnes - Service Dept, Mahoney Fire Sprinkler - Omaha, NE

“Had my first opportunity to try out your new sprinkler sample kits and the online sprinkler return form. The kits were easy to use and we simply had our field sprinkler fitter tag each sprinkler and list the actual sprinkler locations on the form and then simply drop the kit(s) back at our office for on-line processing.  We are testing 11 upright sprinklers which we placed into three different boxes. We also submitted four dry sprinkler kits UNDER 20”. Sprinklers fit easily into the kits as well the online process was simple to understand. E-mail confirmation was in my inbox promptly after submittal confirming my order. You have made the process easy for both our fitters and for sales/office staff alike.  We will be doing all of our future testing with Dyne.”

Scott Bahr - Service Sales, Low Voltage Contractors

“Service has always been excellent, with quick results given and questions, if any, answered promptly.”

Benny Martinez, CFPS, PSP - Emergency Response/Security Lead, BP Chemical

“I was excited to find your website after years of dealing with a manufacturer's lab. The description of your services really set the bar high but through the process of setting up an account and sending in a couple of samples you have far exceeded my expectations.”

Brent Bergen - President, Heritage Fire Sprinkler, Inc.

“As always, Dyne customer service is the gold standard that I judge all others by!”

Chris Pomeroy - Assistant Fire Chief, BP Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Department

“We provide service to locations throughout the United States and Canada, and partner with Dyne Technologies for compliance testing because of the great service and thoroughness of testing that they offer. When I call in with a question, the phones are answered by staff members who answer the question or take care of the issue right away for me—I never have to wait to get things answered.

Testing is done on time and the reports I receive are professional and thorough. I can count on the results received from Dyne Technologies for my customers.”

Ed Wolff - Owner, Edward Wolff Company

“I've been using Dyne Technology for my Light Water™ sampling for many years now and I have always been very pleased with the service that they provide, very professional. The paperwork and results cards are done very well and I especially like the laminated copies this year. I would highly recommend Dyne Technologies to anyone, they have always been very reliable and when I need sample kits, they mail them out right away."

Bruce L. VanDrew - Fire Protection Specialist / Instructor, 3M Fire Protection Office

“Our affiliation with Dyne Technologies the last fifteen years has proven to be very beneficial for us.

In matters of NFPA 11 foam concentrate testing, the primary service used by our company, we have found Dyne laboratory technicians always thoroughly knowledgeable in their craft. All testing is completed in a timely fashion and results are provided us in a user friendly, detailed format.

The postage prepaid Dyne sample kits provided are a very efficient cost effective tool for us. In addition your friendly staff is always very accommodating to our needs."

Ted Kehler - Service & Testing Manager / Integrated Protection Systems (IPS)

“We use Dyne Technologies because they provide the testing expertise we have come to rely on for over ten years. Our experience with their customer service has been great, and we receive our results back very quickly. All the Lab technicians and office personnel take the time to listen to our needs, and diligently work to make sure they meet our expectations. They also take a great approach to anticipating our needs through regular reminders and continual testing improvements.

We are glad to partner with Dyne Technologies and feel they provide us with pricing and service we cannot get elsewhere.”

Jake Lindquist - Nardini Fire Protection Systems Manager

“Thank you so much for providing the test reports I was unable to locate.  I want to say that it is so nice to deal with people that have their act together. You guys keep up the great work. ”

Christopher Bock - Wolf Creek Federal Services