By Jennie Novak, Office Manager/Webinar Coordinator

Before your samples arrive, we need to get your company logistics, billing information, and contacts in our systems so there is no delay in processing your samples.  Having it all setup ensures your reports and your invoices go to the right place or person. It also gives us a chance to make sure you have access to our online return forms and send you any testing kits you will need.

1. Complete our simple 1-page New Customer Form.

  • We need your shipping and billing address and contacts set up in our systems to begin working with us.
  • Agree to our 30-day net terms

2. Register on the Dyne website at by clicking on the Login button. This will allow you to submit kit requests and use the online sample return forms. Our website also contains informative articles, testing and tutorial videos, PDFs of our documents, FAQs, our monthly newsletter archive, and webinar information.

3. Take it a step further and complete a Web Access Form. This will connect your online registration with your account so that you can access your test reports online in our Customer Portal 24/7 and 365 days a year.

4. Request our free kits via the online Order Kits button, email, phone, or chat online. Kits are shipped from Minnesota via UPS Ground. Depending on where you are located it usually takes about 2-5 business days for your kits to arrive.

5. Receive our kits and collect your samples. Whether you are sending us firefighting foam, antifreeze, dry chemical, or sprinklers – we have you covered. Our kits are tailored to hold the and transport your samples safely and securely to us.

6. Ship your samples back to Dyne Fire Protection labs via the return UPS label provided in each or mail the with the U.S. Business Reply Mail stamp on the kit box kit (except dry sprinkler kits and outside of the lower contiguous 48 U.S.).  If you decide to pack and ship your samples with your own packing material, they can be sent to Dyne Fire Protection Labs, 2357 Ventura Drive, Suite 108, Woodbury MN 55125.

7. When your samples arrive at the lab, we send you an email confirmation (samples attached):

  • Please check this email to ensure we’ve entered your samples for testing correctly.   If there are changes that need to be made, please let us know right away so that we can update the information in our system.
  • This email will also let you know the day your reports will be emailed to you by (within 5-business days).

8. If you checked only email on your sample return form, you will receive an email with your test report PDF attached. If you also checked mail and your sample(s) pass, we will print and mail you a tank tag (foam, antifreeze, dry chemical) or system tag (sprinkler – this is $15 per job). Samples of our test reports and tags can be found on the website.

9. Invoices – If you submitted your credit card, your card will be charged following testing, you will receive both a paid invoice, and a credit card receipt. If you used a PO or requested billing on our 30-day net terms, you will be emailed an invoice.

10. Reminders – foam samples are to be tested annually. If you tested a firefighting foam sample, you will receive a reminder approximately 11 months after you’ve tested.

11.    Want to get to know us? Check out our Meet the Dyne Team page featuring all of our staff members!

Contacts received on our new customer form are automatically subscribed to our monthly newsletters.

We also offer monthly webinars on topics such as sprinklers, antifreeze, firefighting foam, fluorine and dry chemical.

Watch our monthly newsletters for informative technical articles, webinar topics/dates, industry news, Dyne news, and more!

Questions? Contact us at 800-632-2304,, or via our website chat at

Sample sprinkler job confirmation email (below). It is important that you verify the Job Information displayed in your confirmation email. Making corrections before the job is completed is easier than reissuing a report later.  

Sample foam job confirmation email (below).