Dyne Fire Protection Labs will no longer be identifying recalled sprinklers on the response time report for sprinklers going forward.  All sprinklers received will be put through the testing process and will receive a response time result.

This decision was made in response to the lack of a centralized, readily available list of recalled sprinklers.  Dyne Fire Protection Labs has discussed the topic of recalled sprinklers with a variety of manufacturers who confirm there is no centralized list of all recalled sprinklers but also stress they are up front with customers about recalls and take a proactive approach to them.  Furthermore, there are voluntary recalls and requests for replacement made by the authority having jurisdiction without a manufacturer’s recall that make it difficult to know in which circumstances replacement is actually required.

According to NFPA 25 4.1.5, it is the responsibility of the property owner or designated representative to correct or repair deficiencies or impairments.  This includes identifying and replacing or remedying any recalled products.  Please consult the manufacturer of any sprinklers you feel may be recalled.

As always, Dyne Fire Protection Labs is available to assist with any questions about sprinkler testing as well as help customers get the information they need to understand the issue of recalled sprinklers.  Contact us today if you have questions or need test kits sent out.