by Joan Leedy, Technical Director

At Dyne Fire Protection Labs, we make every effort to provide you with accurate and precise test results to ensure your fire protection systems operate properly. And this is no easy task. Take a look at the following items we have incorporated into our laboratory processes ̶ to ensure quality.

Unbiased – Dyne is unbiased, meaning we don’t benefit from either a passing or failing result and this drives our business growth. We turn down business opportunities that would eliminate our neutrality.

Externally Audited Quality System – Dyne adheres to a quality manual that serves as the framework for defining our quality system requirements and demonstrates a managerial commitment to quality. In addition, our system is both externally and internally audited annually to ensure it meets the requirement of ISO-9001:2015. Our most recent external audit was conducted in September of 2020 by DQS, Inc.

Test Validation – Prior to offering a testing service, Dyne conducts a strict validation process. This is done to make sure the test is providing accurate results. As an example, when measuring the expansion of firefighting foams, many test parameters must be tightly controlled in order to provide repeatable results. These variables include water temperature, sample temperature, water hardness, and nozzle pressure, to name a few.

Calibrations – Dyne calibrates all of the equipment used to conduct testing. For example, when testing the viscosity of firefighting foam, our viscometer is regularly calibrated using a calibration fluid with an ASTM certified viscosity. This ensures that our equipment is operating properly.

Reproducibility and Repeatability (R&R) Studies – Dyne routinely carries out R&R studies on all of our test procedures. This involves running the same test, with the same sample, many times and running a statistical analysis on the results to determine the variance of the equipment and the person conducting the tests.

Employee Training – Dyne requires extensive training of all employees prior to them being “certified” to carry out a test procedure. New employees must first be trained on a procedure then run many tests on previously tested samples to ensure they are getting accurate results.

You are welcome to download our Dyne ISO-9001:2015 certificate here. Please call Dyne at 1-800-632-2304 or email us to learn more about our quality programs.

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