Dyne Fire Protection Labs Acquires Dropmaster™

St. Paul, MN, June 1, 2023 – Dyne Technologies dba Dyne Fire Protection Labs is excited to announce their acquisition of the Dropmaster™ product line. The manufacturing, distribution, and repair of this product will now be conducted at a newly constructed facility just outside of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dyne will carry on the mission started by Gecco Inc. offering fire protection contractors a way to safely and economically remove the trapped water and odor from fire sprinkler systems.

Eventually a need to service every fire sprinkler system, from residential to commercial, will arise. The Dropmaster™ DM12 eliminates residual water and odor in these systems through its patented siphoning system, allowing contractors to make inspections, repairs, and change outs in a safe and economical manner. Many contractors report labor savings in the 40%-60% range. Labor savings means more productive hours for the contractor and less down time for their clients.

According to Jerry Clum, Dyne’s new Principal Engineering Consultant, “The Dropmaster™ product is a valuable and necessary tool in any fire protection contractor’s toolbox. It eliminates the need and hassle of buckets and tarps, making repairs and change outs much cleaner, quicker and more profitable.”

For more information visit dropmaster.dyneusa.com.

About Dyne Fire Protection Labs

Dyne Fire Protection Labs is an ISO-9001 certified and ISO-17025 accredited testing laboratory as well as the manufacturer and distributor of the Dropmaster™ product line.

Dyne’s testing laboratory provides quick, reliable, and independent analysis of fire sprinklers, firefighting foams, antifreeze solutions, and dry chemical agents to help building owners and/or their designated representatives fulfill various laboratory requirements in inspection, testing, and maintenance standards.

Dyne’s Dropmaster™ product eliminates residual water and odor in the sprinkler systems, allowing fire protection contractors to make inspections, repairs, and change outs much quicker with no mess. Visit dyneusa.com to learn more.

Questions? Call (800) 632-2304 or email sales@dyneusa.com.