Dyne Technologies dba Dyne Fire Protection Labs would like to thank and congratulate Grant Lobdell for his 5 years at Dyne! Grant is the lab manager and oversees the lab testing here at Dyne. He has had articles published in trade magazines and his knowledge of firefighting foam and sprinklers are a great asset to Dyne.  Thank you for your dedication and service to the fire protection industry!

Here is his excerpt from the June 2017 newsletter article, Meet the Dyne Team – The Faces Behind the Reports.

I left the small family dairy farm in rural northern Minnesota to pursue a degree in chemistry at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduating, I started at Dyne testing firefighting foam samples but quickly found myself in the laboratory manager position. I am in charge of the daily activity of the lab, making sure the samples we receive are sent out in a timely manner while also balancing the other tasks we are trying to accomplish to better service the fire protection industry. I eagerly continue to grow and learn more about the fire service industry every day and enjoy passing that knowledge and experience onto my coworkers, customers, and industry in hopes that we are helping protect lives and property. In my free time, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities especially those that can involve my dog, keeping up with the local sports teams no matter how rough their seasons can be, and sneaking in some video game time when the fiancé isn’t around.