Founded in 1999 by Joan Leedy, Dyne Technologies now doing business as Dyne Fire Protection Labs tests firefighting foam, sprinklers, and antifreeze to ensure compliance with NPFA 25. In the beginning, the goal was to streamline testing for customers who would send samples in just about any container. Joan developed the workflow that we still use today ensuring test reports are in the customer’s inbox in just 5-business days. Along with the quick-turnaround, Dyne provides free sample kits and shipping for most of our services.

Meet the Dyne Team excerpt for Joan: 

I founded Dyne Technologies, LLC in 1999 after working for over 15 years in laboratory and marketing fire protection positions at 3M—firefighting foam and clean agent. Dyne was built on the premise that if we made testing foam easier, faster and more accurate, it would be more likely to get done, and today we are extending that same principle to sprinkler testing. My responsibility as technical director is to make Dyne one of the best testing laboratories in the world by ensuring accurate, precise and unbiased results within the requirements of an ISO-certified quality management system.  Having been a member of NFPA 11 for over a decade, I am now the chairman and I am looking forward to the responsibilities that will entail.

In my off time, my husband and I spend time at our lake cabin in Wisconsin, waterskiing, snow skiing and golfing. We also find time to visit our three adult children and their families (yes I am proud to say I am a grandmother but like to go by the name Gigi) who have had the sense to move out of the cold and now reside in Texas and Arizona.

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Thank you, Joan, for all you have done for us and the industry!

Joan Leedy, Technical Director