Dyne Fire Protection Labs’ Announce - Expanded Free Webinar Series in 2020

Dyne launched a free webinar series in 2019 and provided four webinars over the course of the year. In 2020, Dyne plans to expand the series to eleven webinars. 

Why provide free webinars?

Joan Leedy, Technical Director and Grant Lobdell, Senior Chemist/Lab Manager have over 40 years of combined and extensive knowledge of firefighting foam testing, sprinklers, dry chemical agents and applications, as well as NFPA 25 requirements. We pride ourselves in sharing our knowledge with other industry experts and novices. Dyne is excited to take our mission of Partnering to Protect Lives and Property by Helping You Meet Your NFPA Testing Requirements to the next level with these informative and free webinars. 

Tentatively planned topics and dates for 2020

Dry Chemical Testing - 2/12/2020

Sampling Sprinklers for the Field Service Test - 3/18/2020

Foam Analysis - 4/15/2020

Dry Chemical Testing Frequency - 5/13/2020

PFAS analysis via HPLC vs CIC - 6/17/2020

Painted, Corroded, and Loaded Sprinklers - 7/15/2020

Antifreeze - 8/12/2020

Dry Chemical - 9/16/2020

Fluorine/PFAS - 10/14/2020

Foam - 11/18/2020

Sprinklers - 12/16/2020

Questions? Call (800) 632-2304 or email jennie@dyneusa.com