Dyne’s goal is to provide quick, reliable, and independent lab analysis for fire sprinklers, firefighting foam, and antifreeze solutions in regards to the maintenance of water based fire protection systems.  We believe that if we make the process as easy as possible for our customers, it will be more likely to be done.  We provide top notch customer service both when ordering our free test kits and when discussing sample results. Additionally, we offer a quick turnaround and have convenient billing options all in an effort to help ensure fire protection systems are properly maintained.  In the fire safety business, making sure maintenance inspections get done and done correctly is a big deal.  Lives and property are at stake.

In an effort to make our process as easy as possible, we would like to share a product that will simplify the removal of sprinklers.  Dropmaster is a patented device made by Gecco Inc. that allows inspectors to safely and economically remove water from the system which makes swapping sprinklers much easier.  This device utilizes a pump to put the system piping under a vacuum which prevents any water from being expelled while sprinklers are being removed.  If you haven’t seen this product in action, we suggest you watch this short video.  This product can eliminate the need for buckets and tarps to prevent water damage.  This saves the inspector time and labor.

Not only could this product save you time and money when sampling sprinklers for periodical testing, it is also advertised to prevent water odors from escaping into the room the sprinkler is being removed.  This can open up the opportunity for sprinklers to be removed while the building is occupied on a normal workday.  The Dropmaster is American made and portable. It can remove trapped water on drops up to ten feet long, can handle 4 sprinklers being changed at one time, and features a nonadjustable regulator to maintain the optimal vacuum safely below the threshold that might damage grooved couplers used in many fire sprinkler systems. 

We have met with the president of Dropmaster, Jerry Clum, on several occasions both at conventions and at our office and feel our companies share very similar values.  We would not recommend a product otherwise.  He puts an emphasis on customer service, telling customers to call him anytime if they have questions.  He provides demonstrations and trainings across the country – some of you may have seen him at NFPA, NFSA, AFSA, etc.  The business is a 2nd generation family-owned business with over 100 years of experience in the fire protection industry, known for their product, service quality, and reliability.