We have asked our customers what the key benefits of having Dyne Fire Protection Labs complete their compliance testing.

Here are some of their responses:

  • Quality third party foam testing with detailed analysis reports.
  • Ease of process (prepacked, sample containers, postage, etc.) Very professional format for test results and tank tags.
  • The documentation is of great value to us. We all know how important it is.
  • If I need a test done ASAP - you send a report within 24 hours! I also like the way you send the reports via email.
  • The timeliness of their response and their dedication to accurate reporting results.
  • Lower cost, quicker results.
  • Stopped me from buying new foam. Has tracking for the older foam.
  • We are Very Satisfied with your services, and have used it greatly to generate business.
  • Should I have any questions or concerns they are always there to answer them for me, and if there is a test that fails they are there to help.
  • The staff is some of the most professional people I deal with. I wish all my vendors were like them.
  • I believe you provide an outstanding service from reminders to speedy test results. Always friendly!
  • I have been extremely satisfied and will continue to use your company for compliance testing.
  • Speaking to someone you trust.
  • State of the art equipment.