Interested in knowing at what temperature a head goes off?  While the sensitivity and functionality testing required for periodical testing per NFPA 25 Section 5.3 should involve the RTI plunge test, the sprinkler testing equipment at Dyne also has the capability to tell you at what temperature a head will activate.  Where the RTI plunge test involves plunging a sprinkler head into a specified temperature and determining how long it takes to go off, this custom work would involve increasing the temperature in the sprinkler oven over time until it is hot enough to activate the head.  A report would be issued with the response temperature instead of response time.  This would be great for research into sprinkler performance issues unrelated to periodical testing.  For this custom sprinkler testing, the parameters of the test would be specified by the customer (rate of temperature rise, dwell time between temperature increases, start and end points, etc.) and then programmed into our equipment. Please note that the testing parameters can greatly increase the amount of time required.  Since some testing parameters may require a considerable amount of time, turnaround time may vary.  Contact a technician at Dyne for more information at 800-632-2304 or