Dyne Technologies is now offering two new types of rental kits for in-field use.  First, a conductivity rental kit with everything that is needed to estimate the percent concentration of foam in premix solution in the field. Because of the quick results, adjustments are easily completed in the field. See the kit description below.

Conductivity Proportioning Test Kit:

  • This kit is used to determine the amount of foam concentrate (%) in a foam solution. This kit includes all the materials and instructions needed to perform this test. This method is based on changes in electrical conductivity as foam concentrate is added to water and is in line with the procedure in NFPA 11, 2016 Edition, Annex D.
  • This Kit Includes: Digital Handheld Conductivity Meter, Instruction sheet, Four 4 oz. jars with caps, One 10 cc syringe, One 100 mL graduated cylinder, Three plastic-coated magnetic stirring bars, Disposable plastic pipettes, Flash drive with Excel file for graphing, Carrying case for easy mobility in field. 

    Note that Dyne Fire Protection Labs will continue to perform the verification testing of premix solutions for % concentration in our laboratory. Because the mixing and testing is more accurate and the variables affecting the result can be controlled, the results will be more reliable. Should you determine laboratory testing is required, a representative sample of the concentrate and water must be sent to the laboratory along with a sample of the solution generated from the system.

    In addition to the Conductivity Proportioning Test Kit, we are also offering a handheld refractometer kit for troubleshooting in the field. See the kit description below.

Handheld Refractometer Kit:

  • This kit is to be used as a troubleshooting tool with the technical assistance of one of Dyne’s chemists. The refractive index is a method used to estimate the amount of foam concentrate (%) in a foam solution as well as aiding in other troubleshooting such as tank dilution.
  • This Kit Includes: Digital Handheld Refractometer, Disposable plastic pipettes 

    Please contact us for availability of these rental kits. If you have any questions about the Conductivity Proportioning Test or Handheld Refractometer Rental Kits, our staff chemists are ready to answer questions. Call Dyne at (800) 632-2304 or email, lab@dyneusa.com, for assistance with understanding your test results.