Colder temperatures are on their way throughout much of the United States and with colder temperatures comes new challenges to maintaining and protecting your water based fire protection systems. These systems must be in compliance with NFPA® 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems - and Dyne Technologies is here to help with your testing needs.

If a premix antifreeze solution is being used, it must be tested annually, before the onset of freezing weather. This testing is very important as it could indicate whether or not the system will fail due to freezing (too low of a concentration of antifreeze) or whether or not the premixed solution could actually fuel the fire (too high of a concentration of antifreeze). If the solution is not within compliance of NFPA® 25, it must be replaced. Please note, NFPA® 25 stresses that every attempt to recycle the antifreeze solution with the antifreeze manufacturer should be made before disposing of any solution.

NFPA® 25 does allow for the antifreeze to be tested in the field. However, this involves using a suitable refractometer that is calibrated to a specific antifreeze solution. Let Dyne Technologies take the liability of this testing off your hands. Dyne Fire Protection Labs provides free sampling kits with prepaid UPS or USPS return labels and accurate results within a week – results include the antifreeze type determination, concentration (percent by weight and percent by volume), and freeze point (degrees Centigrade and degrees Fahrenheit) as well as a freeze point verification for an extra level of assurance.

If the sample is deemed acceptable in accordance with NFPA® 25, a tank tag must be placed near the system control. Tank tags are provided by Dyne Technologies when an antifreeze solution is tested and deemed acceptable per NFPA® 25 standards. This shows that the system is in compliance with the NFPA® regulations and also helps identify the system for future testing.

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