How Loading Affects Sprinkler Head Performance

Dyne's Lab Manager, Grant Lobell explains How Loading Affects Sprinkler Head Performance in this live action video of sprinkler heads being tested that have no loading, very light loading, light loading, heavy loading, and very heaving loading. Learn what you should do if you see loading before you send your sprinkler heads to us for testing.

Click on report to view what the test results would look like for the sprinkler heads used in the video. Click on pictures to view the sprinkler head samples.

When Sprinkler Head Samples are Out of Specification

It is important to send in a sample of sprinkler heads to be tested by a recognized testing laboratory such as Dyne Technologies to ensure that a sprinkler system will work properly in the event of a fire. Dyne completes an appearance inspection as well as a test of the response time of the sprinkler heads received in our laboratory.  Any test that does not meet the NFPA 25 requirement will show up as “Out of Specification” on the test report.

Dyne Sprinkler Head Testing

Dyne has purchased a state-of-the-art plunge oven test from the manufacturer that has made these ovens for many of the test organizations and sprinkler manufacturers both in the US and abroad. The oven precisely controls both the temperature and velocity of the air flow in order to provide accurate and reproducible results. View the video for a close up look at what the sprinkler oven looks like in operation. 

Film Formation

Understanding the outcomes of your test results is vital to making sure that the lives and property that you are protecting are safe. For film forming foam, one of the performance tests that is done is Film Formation, or as an alternative, Surface and Interfacial Tension.

High Expansion

High expansion foam is a specialized type of firefighting foam that can expand 1000 times its original solution volume. This video shows the various characteristics unique to high expansion foams.

IPA Burnback Test

The IPA Burnback test checks to ensure an alcohol resistant foam holds up against alcohol based fuels. The alcohol resistant qualities are demonstrated in this video, along with a comparison to a fire fighting foam without them.

Low Expansion

There are many different types of low expansion fire foam and it has many diverse applications. This video demonstrates some of its general features and a breif explanation of how we test it.