NEW Online Sprinkler Head Testing Return Form

We have launched a new 2.0 version of the Online Sprinkler Head Return Form! This version has an improved way of entering dry heads for testing as well as a preview of the form to review before you press the submit button. The form can be found by going to the Services tab, Fire Sprinkler Head Testing, and Sprinkler Head Return Form.

If you have any questions or feedback, we'd like to hear from you at 800-632-2304 or

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Custom Sprinkler Testing

Interested in knowing at what temperature a head goes off?  While the sensitivity and functionality testing required for periodical testing per NFPA 25 Section 5.3 should involve the RTI plunge test, the sprinkler testing equipment at Dyne also has the capability to tell you at what temperature a head will activate.  Where the RTI plunge test involves plunging a sprinkler head into a specified temperature and determining how long it takes to go off, this custom work would involve increasing the temperature in the sprinkler oven over time until it is hot enough to activate the head.  A report would be issued with the response temperature instead of response time.  This would be great for research into sprinkler performance issues unrelated to periodical testing.  For this custom sprinkler testing, the parameters of the test would be specified by the customer (rate of temperature rise, dwell time between temperature increases, start and end points, etc.) and then programmed into our equipment. Please note that the testing parameters can greatly increase the amount of time required.  Since some testing parameters may require a considerable amount of time, turnaround time may vary.  Contact a technician at Dyne for more information at 800-632-2304 or

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Dyne staff to attend NFPA in Boston, MA - June 4-7, 2017

Dyne will not have a booth at this year’s NFPA Expo in Boston June 4th-7th but will be in attendance on the floor and in the education sessions.  

Look for Dyne Staff:

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Dyne Technologies will no longer be identifying recalled heads on the response time report going forward - March 2017

Dyne Technologies will no longer be identifying recalled heads on the response time report for sprinklers going forward.  All heads received will be put through the testing process and will receive a response time result.

This decision was made in response to the lack of a centralized, readily available list of recalled heads.  Dyne Technologies has discussed the topic of recalled heads with a variety of manufacturers who confirm there is no centralized list of all recalled heads but also stress they are up front with customers about recalls and take a proactive approach to them.  Furthermore, there are voluntary recalls and requests for replacement made by the authority having jurisdiction without a manufacturer’s recall that make it difficult to know in which circumstances replacement is actually required.

According to NFPA 25 4.1.5, it is the responsibility of the property owner or designated representative to correct or repair deficiencies or impairments.  This includes identifying and replacing or remedying any recalled products.  Please consult the manufacturer of any heads you feel may be recalled.

As always, Dyne Technologies is available to assist with any questions about sprinkler head testing as well as help customers get the information they need to understand the issue of recalled sprinkler heads.  Contact us today if you have questions or need test kits sent out.

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Dyne Technologies staff to attend NFSA in Las Vegas, NV - May 3-5, 2017

Dyne Technologies' President, Mark Spaniol, one of our Chemists and Sprinkler Technicians, Kayla Kuhlman, and Office Manager/Lab Coordinator, Jennie Novak will be attending the NFSA conference in Las Vegas, NV - May 3-5, 2017 at the Red Rock Resort Spa & Casino. We will be in Booth #620 with a video of the sprinkler testing process and ready to talk about sprinkler kits, testing, and results. We are excited to represent Dyne and our services, and meet sprinkler customers in person. Stop by to order free test kits and see what we are giving away, you don't want to miss it!

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Dyne Technologies is excited to announce that we now offer Sprinkler Head Testing

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our testing lab services to include Sprinkler Head Testing beginning in December 2016. Our state-of-the-art sprinkler test tunnel will be used to ensure that sprinkler heads are in compliance.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard for Inspecting, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, NFPA 25, requires building owners to have a sample of their installed sprinklers periodically tested by a recognized testing laboratory.  NFPA states “a representative sample of the sprinklers in a system should consist of a minimum of 4 sprinklers or 1% of the number of sprinklers per individual sample, whichever is greater.”

Our independent laboratory services customers throughout the world.  Dyne’s primary business has been testing firefighting foam and antifreeze solution but will now also include testing sprinkler heads.  Using a state-of-the-art sprinkler test tunnel, Dyne will test the sprinklers’ thermal sensitivity and make sure the waterway is properly functioning according to the standards.   We pride ourselves on “Quick, Easy, Accurate and Independent Testing”,  says Mark Spaniol, President of Dyne Technologies.  “Accuracy and being Independent is a cornerstone of our lab, we are ISO 9001 certified and take pride in the quality of our test results.  Our customers demand and deserve a quick and easy testing process and this is why we offer free test kits with free shipping and five day turnaround on testing results.” 

We perform a visual inspection in addition to subjecting the sprinkler head to a plunge oven test to determine the release time. This test is designed to ensure the sprinkler head will release in a specified time when exposed to a specified temperature. As required by Underwriters Laboratory 199, International Standards Organization  6182-1, and Factory Mutual Class Number 2000, the Response Time Index (RTI) value (meter/second)1/2 between 80 and 350 is required for a standard sprinkler while a maximum value of 50 is required for a quick response head.

Dyne Technologies was founded in 1999 by Joan Leedy, who is the Technical Director at Dyne Technologies.  She explains, ”Our number one goal is accurate test results to ensure that our customers’ fire protection products are performing as designed. This holds true for firefighting foam, antifreeze solutions and sprinklers.”

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Dyne’s Technical Director appointed Chair of the NFPA Foam Committee

Dyne Technologies is proud to announce that our Technical Director and founder Joan Leedy, has been elected Chair of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard for Low-, Medium-, and High-Expansion Foam Committee. 

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Dyne Technologies featured in the Meet the PROs article in the March/April issue of SQ by NFSA

Dyne Technologies was honored to be featured for "Meet the PROs" in the March/April 2016 edition of SQ, Journal of the National Fire Sprinkler Association.  The NFSA has been working since 1905 with a mission "to protect lives and property from fire through the widespread acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept".

Click the link below to read about Dyne Technologies and our staff, including Zeke, our office dog.  

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Dyne Chemist's article published in FPC

Grant Lobdell is the Senior Chemist and Lab Manager at Dyne Technologies. His article Ensure Your Antifreeze Solution is in Compliance with NFPA 25 was published in the September edition of FPC magazine. 

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ISO-9001 Certification

What does ISO-9001 certification mean for your test results? By being ISO-9001 certified, Dyne Technologies can ensure proper procedures when handling your samples. Using our vigorous testing and approval processes, we monitor all results to confirm that the results are dependable and accurate.

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Why Foam Fails

The National Fire Protection Association Standard on Foam - NFPA 11 - recommends foam concentrate be tested at least annually. There are several reasons why fire-fighting foam may fail NFPA 11 testing. Understanding the reasons a foam may fail can help you to prevent these failures and ensure your system will work properly in an emergency.

Dilution with water is the most common reason why fire-fighting foam fails. If the tank is not properly isolated, water can inadvertently get into a tank and dilute the foam concentrate. A properly designed system has isolation valves and backflow prevention valves to prevent inadvertent dilution. When fire-fighting foam becomes diluted, it will not work effectively in the event of a fire.

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Dyne’s Technical Director presenting at the ASFA show

Dyne Technologies Technical Director and founder Joan Leedy will be presenting “Ensuring Antifreeze Systems Meet the Current NFPA 25 Requirements” at the ASFA show in Nashville, TN on September 15 & 17, 2016. 

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What is NEW at Dyne in 2017?

  • The June 2017 newsletter article Meet the Dyne Team - The Faces Behind the Report features our talented and integral staff.
  • We do not want to to miss your call. Note our Summer Hours are in effect from Memorial Day - Labor Day. The office is open 7 am - 5 pm CST Monday-Thursday and 7 am - Noon CST on Friday. We will also have an answering service sending us messages after hours for emergencies.
  • We are working on enhancing testing reminders to include a PDF of the last year's sample return form - less work filling out  paperwork for repeat jobs. Please make sure you note any changes and mark the sample bottles accordingly.
  • We are going to be adding a new tab to the website titled Dyne University. There will be additional educational videos posted in 2017. Stay tuned and visit to see what is new.
  • Sprinkler Head Testing has taken off in 2017. We are adding space to receive sprinkler heads and prep them for testing.
  • We will have a booth at the AFSA show in Las Vegas, NV – be sure to visit our booth (number TBA).

If you have suggestions for new article or video topics, we'd like to hear from you at 800-632-2304 or

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