We are proud of our talented and integral staff. Here is a look at the faces behind the reports and a bit about each of us. If you would like to contact us, click on our name or picture to send us an email or call 800-632-2304 and dial the extension listed next to our titles.
Pictured from Left to Right and Top to Bottom: Don Leedy, Mark Spaniol, Dana Connelly, Grant Lobdell, Jennie Novak, Jody Lowe, Julie Bunch, Joan Leedy, Crimson Erwin, Erin Miller, Evelyn McLaughlin, and Kayla Kuhlman
Julie Bunch - Customer Service Manager x 605

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management from the University of Minnesota and before joining Dyne worked in managing customer service teams in the retail and insurance industries. I will celebrate my 15th anniversary with Dyne Fire Protection Labs this fall and have enjoyed my time here helping to develop a growing staff and many of the quality systems which help push Dyne’s growth each year. 

As the Customer Service Manager, I work hard to ensure that our customers have a good experience testing with Dyne and work with them on everything from setting them up as a new customer to answering questions after test reports have been sent. I also handle a lot of the communication, accounting, marketing, internal ISO auditing, and GSA sales. 

My favorite job has been being mom to my two grown kids—one just out of college and working in the Kentucky equine industry and one who is a senior engineering student at SDSU—along our boxer Scout.  In my off time, I enjoy traveling with my husband Bill (usually to warmer places during MN winters), spending time gardening and with our koi pond, camping and biking. 

Dana Connelly - Lab Intern

I am a junior at the University of St. Thomas pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Spanish and Computer Science.  In searching for internships, I found Dyne and I am now the Laboratory Technician Intern. As an intern, I test foam samples on a daily basis.  I have been completely fascinated by everything in the fire safety industry and I look forward to learning more throughout my time at Dyne.  When I am not in the lab, I enjoy being in the outdoors and playing softball.

Crimson Erwin - Administrative Assistant x 601

I started right out of high school moving to Texas and working as a fire watch at Valero in Texas City, TX for a summer. I eventually returned home and shortly after joined the Army in which I served as an Automated Logistic Specialist.  I obtained an Associate’s degree in accounting in 2015 at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.  Since then I have come full circle back into the fire industry. At Dyne I perform administrative duties. I am often the first person you will speak to when calling. I check in the samples and often send out reports along with other miscellaneous tasks.  

Kayla Kuhlman - Quality Manager x 603

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a minor in Biochemistry from Winona State University in 2014.  I was soon hired on as a chemist testing samples for Dyne.  I have really enjoyed learning about the fire safety industry from a technical perspective.  I am currently the quality manager and am responsible for overseeing the quality management system here at Dyne.  When I am not in the lab, I enjoy rock climbing and volunteering at the local humane society.

Don Leedy - Sales Manager

I have served the fire protection industry for 41 years, having worked major fire scenes with 3M, William’s Fire and Hazard Control and Tyco.  My career has involved, fire- fighting foam, halon replacements and cleaning agents. During my career at 3M, I generated the first million dollar sales territory for foam. I am currently Dyne’s sales director, helping create new business growth and customers. I have been involved on several fire committees’ to include vice president of FSSA’s industrial council. 

I am excited about the growth of Dyne Fire Protection Labs and the emerging testing opportunities. Being able to keep in touch with old and new friends I have dealt with during my career is very rewarding.

I enjoy running, golf, biking, tennis, lake activities and spending time with family, including our new grandson to go along with my 3 other wild and crazy other grandson’s. I am a proud father of Brett, Kyleann and Matthew.   

Joan Leedy - Technical Director x 614

I founded Dyne Technologies, LLC in 1999 after working for over 15 years in laboratory and marketing fire protection positions at 3M—firefighting foam and clean agent. Dyne was built on the premise that if we made testing foam easier, faster and more accurate, it would be more likely to get done, and today we are extending that same principle to sprinkler testing. My responsibility as technical director is to make Dyne one of the best testing laboratories in the world by ensuring accurate, precise and unbiased results within the requirements of an ISO-certified quality management system.  Having been a member of NFPA 11 for over a decade, I am now the chairman and I am looking forward to the responsibilities that will entail.

In my off time, my husband and I spend time at our lake cabin in Wisconsin, waterskiing, snow skiing and golfing. We also find time to visit our three adult children and their families (yes I am proud to say I am a grandmother but like to go by the name Gigi) who have had the sense to move out of the cold and now reside in Texas and Arizona.

Grant Lobdell - Lab Manager x 606

I left the small family dairy farm in rural northern Minnesota to pursue a degree in chemistry at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduating, I started at Dyne testing firefighting foam samples but quickly found myself in the laboratory manager position. I am in charge of the daily activity of the lab, making sure the samples we receive are sent out in a timely manner while also balancing the other tasks we are trying to accomplish to better service the fire protection industry. I eagerly continue to grow and learn more about the fire service industry every day and enjoy passing that knowledge and experience onto my coworkers, customers, and industry in hopes that we are helping protect lives and property. In my free time, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities especially those that can involve my dog, keeping up with the local sports teams no matter how rough their seasons can be, and sneaking in some video game time when the fiancé isn’t around.

Jody Lowe - Accounts Manager x 604

I have been with Dyne for almost 15 years working part-time. I have a number of hats of responsibility at Dyne. I foam test, manage the accounts receivables outstanding balances and also work on sales for larger jobs being done at Dyne. I worked at 3M for over 18 years in finance areas before coming to Dyne and teaming up with Joan Leedy. It has been wonderful to watch and be a part of the growth of what Dyne is today and ever changing aspects of this business. I have two children both grown – one still in college at the University of Arkansas. My husband and I now spend our time at our lake home in northern Minnesota enjoying this beautiful state. 

Evelyn McLaughlin - Chemist x 530

I graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Biosystems and Bioproducts Engineering and a minor in Chemistry. I started at Dyne a little less than a year ago and love being part of such an important industry. I now find myself looking at sprinklers wherever I go. My favorite part about working at Dyne is the fun conversations we have while testing. In my spare time, I love reading, running, painting, and watching movies.

Erin Miller - Chemist x 609

I grew up just outside Saint Paul, MN before attending college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. In May of 2016 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry (with minors in math and music) and started working at Dyne shortly thereafter. I spend most of my time outside of work with friends and family. My personal short-term goals include adopting a dog and finding a music group to join to continue playing the French horn.

Jennie Novak - Office Manager/Lab Coordinator x 600

My personal experience with my car fire that also damaged my home gives me a special connection to the cause I work for every day here at Dyne. Not only do I believe in the cause, but I am impressed on a daily basis by the integrity and commitment of my fellow coworker’s same determination. With these driving forces, I am able to help the whole team with multiple administrative tasks, manage the website, streamline the sample workflow, and assist customers from around the globe. I hope these efforts set a good example and instill a solid work ethic for my 11 year old daughter who has a full traveling softball schedule, which means a very busy summer! In our spare time my husband Chris and I enjoy bowling on a league, watching the Wild play hockey, and all of the things our beautiful Minnesota has to offer. 

Mark Spaniol - President x 602

For over 29 years I have been helping entrepreneurial companies grow and succeed. During these years I have transformed underachieving business systems to high performing businesses by streamlining the operations and sales strategies. My time at Dyne is focused on finance, operations and business development. I spend a lot of time evaluating new business opportunities and making sure we have the proper staff to grow our business and maintain our excellent customer service.

I love being part of the fire and safety industry! We are not on the front line like the firefighters, but knowing that every test we perform helps insure the safety of people and property is a great feeling.

I am married with three children and enjoy golfing, fishing, hunting and spending time with my family at our cabin in Northern MN.   

Nicole Stiff - Lab Technician x 616

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in the spring of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  I was hired quickly after graduation as a lab technician for Dyne, and it has been a great experience. It has been very interesting to learn about the fire safety industry, and I am excited to continue learning something new every day at Dyne. In my spare time, I like to read and be with my family and friends.


Zeke - Office Companion x kennel

Zeke has been coming to the office with Grant ever since he was just a few weeks old.  He is around a hundred pounds and is a pure Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  He has the sassy Chesapeake attitude the breed is known for too!  If you ever stop by the office, he will be sure to greet you with a hello howl while he shows off his favorite toy of the day.

Dyne Fire Protection Labs

2357 Ventura Drive, Suite 108
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Phone: 651-917-0644
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Toll Free: 800-632-2304

Dyne Fire Protection Labs

2357 Ventura Drive, Suite 108
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: 651-917-0644
Fax: 651-917-0646
Toll Free: 800-632-2304

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