Dyne Technologies Technical Director and founder Joan Leedy will be presenting “Ensuring Antifreeze Systems Meet the Current NFPA 25 Requirements” at the ASFA show in Nashville, TN on September 15 & 17, 2016. 

(From the AFSA website) This seminar will be a review of the current NFPA 25 recommendations for antifreeze solutions including where and when it can be used, what concentrations are acceptable, and how to refill a system. It will include a review of the upcoming deadlines for potentially eliminating antifreeze solutions in sprinkler systems if a listed solution does not become available. It will explain how to test antifreeze to determine the percentage solution of glycerine and propylene glycol to ensure the system meets the NFPA 25 code requirements. Upon completion of this seminar, the participant should be able to inspect a sprinkler system containing antifreeze solution to ensure it meets the current NFPA recommendations. The participant will also be able to identify the type of antifreeze in the system and calculate the concentration. In addition, the participant should be able to develop a plan for the future of an antifreeze system.