Dyne Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce that dry sprinkler head testing is now available, in addition to the sprinkler head testing service that we introduced on December 1, 2016. As with its existing services, Dyne will offer guaranteed turnaround time, online reports, accurate and reliable results and unparalleled customer service.

Along with testing, we are also introducing a test kit for dry sprinkler heads which will be available in two adjustable sizes. Each kit will be able to hold one dry sprinkler head—the smaller size adjusting to fit a head up to 20”, and the large fitting a head from 21” to 42”. Dyne will pay the shipping for the kits to you, however because of the variability in the size and weight of dry sprinkler heads, customers will be responsible for shipping costs back to Dyne Technologies. There is a cost associated with these kits: $10 each for the smaller size, $12 each for the larger; the pricing for testing will remain the same as with our standard sprinkler head testing.

You can complete your paperwork for sprinkler head testing in two ways—a paper copy of the sprinkler head test form will be included with each kit or you can complete and submit the form online. As with any type of testing, it’s important that we have complete information to avoid delays with getting your heads checked in and tested when they arrive at Dyne.

For information on Dyne sprinkler testing services, check out the sprinkler information on our website, email us or give us a call at 800-632-2304.